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Croatia State Lottery to offer mobile casino games
Mobile Casinos

Croatian State Lottery officials announced the release of five new casino style games as well as keno and scratch cards for online and mobile casinos.

On January 24, the Croatian State Lottery (Hrvatska Lutrija) announced that it has renewed the contract with Intralot Interactive, a Greek online and mobile casino software provider. Intralot will develop a series of online and mobile casino software for the government controlled lottery websites. Online gambling is legal for Croatian citizens, whether at Croatian or foreign casinos.

By year’s end, Intralot will introduce five casino style games as well as Keno and three new digital scratch card games first for online casinos and subsequently for the mobile gamers. Hrvatska Lutrija plans to offer roulette, horse racing, lucky dice, victory at sea and super goal for iPhone casinos or Android Smartphone Croatian mobile casinos. To boost the confidence of Croatian players, the random number generator for the Croatian State Lottery online and mobile casino games will be hosted by Intralot in Greece.

The director of Croatian State Lottery (Hrvatska Lutrija), Ms. Vesna Bakran, reported that, “Croatia is very satisfied with our cooperation with Intralot Interactive for the development of the Croatian Lottery’s Internet and mobile gaming platform. Currently, our online sportsbooks are the most popular product and we are certain that with the addition of mobile casino games, we will see a satisfactory increase in revenues. After only four months of operation, the turnover of all games offered on the Internet reached 9% of the total lottery turnover, with the numbers expected to reach 30% within two years.”