Catholic schools accept money from gambling
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Catholic Schools in Canada, which consider gambling and especially blackjack a grave sin, have been eagerly accepting money from government casino revenues to remain open.

There are a lot of wise sayings and idioms that were passed down to us from our ancestors: ‘Practice what your Preach’, ‘Do things the way You tell Others to do them’, ‘You yourself should do the things you advise Other people to do’, ‘Do as I say not as I do’ and many more.

According to a recently released Canadian government report, which documented how casino revenues are used, a shocking discovery has been uncovered. Practically every Canadian Catholic School has been knowingly accepting money for many years that was specifically marked as coming from blackjack card games. In Edmonton alone, 86 of the Catholic district’s eighty seven schools happily accepted roughly $6 million every 1.5 years (matching grants not included) directly from casinos. The Catholic Church has been a vehement opponent of gambling for the past two thousand years.

According to the Catholic Encyclopedia – “From very early times gambling was forbidden by canon law. Two of the oldest canons of the Apostles forbade games of chance under pain of excommunication”. Clerics are forbidden to even be present inside a casino, much less accept millions from gambling activity.

Debbie Engel, of the Catholic board, responded to news enquiries – “The money is often spent on necessities though, especially at schools with small budgets which rely heavily on the casino money”.

Ecclesiastical attorneys, according to casino gambling news, have been looking for a loophole to justify this practice – “What about the practical side of this. We all realize that, fundamentally, in our Catholic institutions, we need to work in a way that’s consistent with our identity, with who we are. Let’s make sure we’re living that out consistently across the board.”

Unfortunately it is easier to condemn online blackjack as an evil vice from a bully pulpit than to refuse casino money as a matter of moral principle.