white interlopers tempt noble minorities to gamble
Welfare Casino

Georgia police raided multiple internet cafes which provided illegal online blackjack games to residents of public housing and welfare aid recipients.

Georgia police have uncovered and raided what is described as an empire of internet cafes disguised as pay-phone-card shops which catered to recipients of government aid also known as welfare.

Heavily armed police tactical units descended on what is described as a chain of illegal gambling establishments cleverly disguised as pay-phone-card shops located in multiple locations police refer to as ‘high crime disadvantaged areas ravaged by drugs, poverty and sexual promiscuity.’

Public housing residents were rudely awakened to the sounds of battering rams and kicked doors by the 11am raid which sparked a panic among the ‘semi-conscious’ public housing residents.

Run for your lives – it’s a raid!

Deshawn Ali, a boxing instructor at the nearby juvenile reform school described the blackjack strategy he saw.

“About fifty cops in body armor and carrying machine guns are trying to break into the locked (location of the illegal casinos) and someone start hollering that it’s a huge police raid.

So this mass of crack heads, prostitutes, drug dealers, pimps, johns, drug addicts, junior high-school dropouts, beggars, pregnant teens, parolees, psychotics outpatients, beggars, thieves, carjackers and their families, mostly still drunk or high from last night pours out of the projects and starts running every which way.

But the SWAT cops just kept breaking the gate of the internet cafes and ignore the circus,” explained Mr. Ali.

Are online casinos profitable?

Public Housing residents stared in wonder as machine gun wielding SWAT members ransacked the internet café, one of many that day, removing computer equipment as evidence. Three owners were arresting who one community leaders describe as ‘cracker interlopers from Florida.’

The raids were the result of a multi-million dollar undercover operation carried out by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and led to the indictments and arrest of three elderly male suspects who were charged with racketeering.

“Dealer, I’m splitting my tens, so pass me a knife to halve this fine slab of USDA quality welfare cheese.”

At least forty Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) agents took part in the raids. Prosecutors allege that the online casinos were an open secret in the community and that the owners specifically targeted recipients of government welfare aid.

In addition prosecutors allege that the owners even offered casino online bonus on the first of the month knowing full well that it was the day when all the local residents received their welfare payments.

Local residents were allegedly continually losing a lot of public assistance money at the phone shops which permitted inner city youth to purchase items other than bread, milk, juice and diapers.

Little gambling talent

Speaking on the issue, an employee stated that during the last year alone –
“These five shops sold over 300,000 bottles of poor quality malt infused beer, 4 million lighters, six metric tons of aluminum scrubbing pads and 62 miles of glass tubing to residents of nearby public housing units.”

The swift raids successfully apprehended the owners as well as froze multiple seven figure bank accounts.

“We found over $3 million in their accounts so basically they were making $3,000 each day in cash, almost exclusively in welfare benefit money,” prosecutors stated in court.”

Activists demand increase in benefit payments

Community leaders insist that this incident underlines the need to increase each monthly welfare payments since “we must account that the individuals are likely to spend a large portion of the benefit check on activities other than bills, food, clothes and education. Only by increasing the benefits can we make sure that the neediest amongst us can also feel the American Dream.”

“The welfare folks are the unfortunate victims here, and have little strength to avoid participating in these activities and so are trapped in a vicious cycle losing their money to the tune of thousands while these defendants reap the benefits in millions.”

The GBI has decided to take no further actions against any of the welfare recipients who had illegally gambled at the welfare online casinos, bet on sporting events, played blackjack, dice, online three-card-Monte and poker.

GBI officers credit the hard working women and children of all races, religions, creeds, national origins, immigration statuses, and sexual orientations for helping detectives break the case wide open.

The lead detective succinctly summed up the case – “The suspects ended up making a payout in Florida and moving their operations to Georgia, the message we want to send today with the arrest warrant, is we are not going to have it here in Georgia either.”