Maintaining a gambling practice is not as bad as infidelity, according to a worldwide survey regarding morality.

Pew Research Center published a report indicating that gambling comes in second place in the survey that highlights a list of unacceptable practices.

The study involved participants from 40 nations, and required them to rate 8 controversial topics whether they are acceptable, morally unacceptable or not a moral issues at all.

The median results showed that spending one’s on traditional and mobile casino games rates at 62% unacceptability, while infidelity topped the list with reaching an unacceptability of 78%.

There were however some who believed that gambling should not be classified as a moral problem, as total of 19% participants supported that idea. Another 11% respondents said gambling is an acceptable pastime.

Results varied quite a bit depending on the nation, but Europe as a whole agreed mostly that gambling is merely a questionable activity. A quarter or less respondents in France, Canada and the US view the practice more positively than other parts of the world.

Gambling undesirable around the Middle East

A median of six-in-ten participants from the 40 countries concerned, believe that gambling is a rather unacceptable.

The results showed that betting on regular and mobile casinos is mostly deemed an unorthodox practice in and around the Middle East region, and larger parts of Africa.

For instance, virtually all Pakistanis firmly believe in the completely improper, as 95% of them indicated such sentiments.