Chests of Plenty slot jackpot
Chests of Plenty

A new Sky Vegas game has half a million to give away in a grand jackpot

Five hundred thousand pounds is the type of sum of money to expect to pick up when you win a major poker or blackjack tournament. It is certainly not the type of booty you expect to pick up from a slots game, but yet, you can.

Sky Vegas has just announced the launch of a brand new progressive slot game with that very GBP 500,000 jackpot. It is called Chest of Plenty and is rumored to be a five reel and twenty pay line slot machine game.

Themed after something resembling pirates on the open seas, the slot also features a bonus mini game. The bonus can be activated by collecting scatter cards, although no win is attributed to the scatter cards. Once open, the player is greeted to three chests, each with a gem inside. The combination and amount of gems inside the chests is rumoured to be catalyst in rewarding the player with a prize.

In order to win the progressive jackpot, we understand that you will have to have this bonus game in session and find a collection of all diamonds inside the chests to win the half a million pound prize.

Rumors in the casino gambling news also point out that should the jackpot be won at any time, then every other player will be informed of this, and asked if they wish to void their current bet, in what seems like a most gracious act of fairness.

Jackpot Cashdrops is also offered by Sky Vegas, and is a simple enough premise to comprehend. Should a jackpot be pocketed during any given week, a one thousand pound prize will be deposited into several randomly selected accounts of player who have also played the same game earlier n the week.