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old-school-heroes-300414Would he adapt?

Ever wondered how old movie heroes would adapt to modern times? Let’s find out.

Although we have plenty of modern-day role-models like Vin Diesel, Jason Statham or Will Smith, whenever we think about our favorite heroes we tend to refer back to old-school movie actors.

We’re talking about great characters here, some with superpowers, others just unimaginably brave. How awesome were Steven Seagal or Sylvester Stallone 20-30 years ago, right? But if they were to live in this day and age, they would probably not seem as cool as we remembered them.

Let’s let our imagination run wild and picture how some of the most popular fictional movie heroes would adapt to modern times. How would Superman, Indiana Jones or Mister Spock react if someone put a smartphone in their hands and “challenged” them to play a mobile casino? Keep reading to find out.


Superman is just… super! His ordinary self is a geeky journalist, while his other self is a powerful superhero. Many people have mocked him for having a ridiculous cover, since all he has to do in order to avoid being recognized is… to put on a pair of glasses.

So we imagine that, since Superman has defeated all his enemies, he would play a game of mobile poker against none other than Clark Kent. All he’d have to do is put on and take off his glasses to switch between his two identities.

And while Clark has no special talents whatsoever, he would play it cool and just go with whatever his intelligence tells dictates. On the other hand, Superman would probably end up shattering the delicate smartphone to bits with his incredibly strong touch. Loser!

Indiana Jones

Well Indy sure loves an adventure, so he’s willing to accept any challenge. But he needs the right equipment for it and, of course, the right setting. So if you’re going to make him play the Desert Treasure mobile slot game, he will make sure to hunt that treasure down in reality too!

So it’s a good thing mobile casinos allow you to play on the go, because Indiana Jones will set out on a long journey, in search of some ancient tombs hidden in the desert. He’s a man who likes puzzles too, so he would definitely keep on spinning the wheel until he gets all those wilds, scatters and multipliers, to unlock the path to his awesome prize.

James Bond

Everyone knows that James Bond is a passionate gambler and while sitting at a casino table, surrounded by beautiful women is more like his style, we can definitely see him trying out a game of Baccarat on a tablet too.

Of course, a dangerously attractive female villain would have to challenge him to gamble. This would probably be the only way James Bond could be convinced to register with a mobile casino, and he’d push those buttons with such talent and charm that his beautiful enemy would end up falling for him.

It wouldn’t be long before the tablet would be thrown into the romantically-lit fireplace and the pair would be battling it out in bed.


Mobile casino games are meant to be fun, but they would still not help William Wallace get over the sorrows and painful betrayals he went through. And if we’re talking about an English mobile casino, this would be enough to fuel his anger and determination to start a war against it.

braveheart-300414-1Braveheart – brave games

We’re not sure how good Braveheart would be at mobile gambling, but one thing is certain: he would not stop until he’s all out of funds, energy… and life!


We imagine this famous movie character would have some trouble playing a mobile casino. Besides being a robot, which seems like an obvious impediment, there would probably be some slight electromagnetic interference, which would cause the wheels on a mobile slot to spin like mad!

On the other hand, this could also be to Robocop’s advantage. Maybe he could find a way to trigger those desired free spins or multipliers, without anyone noticing. One would think his moral compass would stop him from cheating, but you never know. If the prize is big enough…

Sherlock Holmes

Last, but not least, we have the world’s most famous detective. And Sherlock Holmes is not the type of guy who risks his money before learning everything there is to know about the owners of the casino and the people he’s playing against.

Nothing could distract this guy from his job, not even the coolest mobile phone, the glitziest casino game or the most amazing bonuses. If someone challenged him to play, he would probably just become suspicious and decide to investigate this whole mobile casino business.


A character of mixed human-Vulcan heritage, Mister Spock could definitely put his mathematically perfect brainwaves to a good use. He is all about logic and reason, so he would surely pick a game like blackjack or poker, where he can use smart strategies to beat other players or bring the house edge as low as possible.

Obviously, the advanced technology used by mobile casinos would not be an impediment at all. He would quickly get over the novelty of it all and focus on winning. And we imagine getting the big prize would spark some sort of emotion in him. They would be the second thing to get his heart pumping, after the beautiful Zarabeth.

So there you have it, a complete picture of how your favorite movie heroes would play a mobile casino. Just for the record, we still think Steven Seagal would still be the best poker player ever, because the expression on his face never changes.