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“Don’t drink and drive,” they say. The same rule applies for gambling; and also a couple more…

Being able to gamble whenever you feel like it, regardless of where you are at that moment, is certainly one of the greatest gifts modern technology has to offer. Mobile casino games are a bunch of fun, so it comes as no surprise that you’re often tempted to pull out your phone and start playing. But the thing is that sometimes it’s simply… inappropriate, to say the least.

There comes a time in every gambler’s life when he is so bored that all he can think of is that blackjack strategy chart he’s been meaning to memorize. So he will be very tempted to reach into his pocket, grab his smartphone, log onto a website and start playing.

Most times he’ll even manage to get away with it, without anyone noticing. Probably not in the following cases, though:

1. During a romantic dinner with your girlfriend

We all know how sensitive women are about anniversaries and special evenings spent with their loved one. Maybe even too sensitive, sometimes. So a romantic dinner with your girlfriend is definitely not the right time to give in to the temptation of gambling.

Don’t look bored, don’t eat fast, thinking that this way you’ll get it all over with quickly; don’t try to get her to be interested in your passion for mobile casinos, because she will immediately detect that something’s wrong.

For the sake of your relationship, just go through with it, wearing a smile on your face. After all, it’s only once a year. You probably have no idea when exactly, but she’ll make sure to remind you.

2. At your wedding

If you think gambling during dinner with your girlfriend was a bad idea, just picture this one. All hell would break loose if you were caught playing on your phone or tablet on what’s supposed to be the happiest day of your life!

Sure, most of your guests will be blind drunk and you’re bride will probably have to dance with every guy in the room. But that doesn’t mean you get time to yourself at your wedding, so don’t even think about it!

3. At the Opera

Oh, the Opera. It can be so dull! Especially if you’re dragged there by your wife or some business partner who’s trying to impress you. Some people simply can’t enjoy this pretentious form of art, and if you’re one of them, you’re probably already thinking about a quick solution to overcome boredom.

Again: no! This is not the right place or the right time for playing mobile casino games either. Think of the looks you’d get if your phone suddenly started playing the craziest sounds of bells and trumpets, as you finally hit that jackpot. Very awkward!

4. At the hospital

Waiting to hear from the doctor might be boring, but this does not mean that you’re allowed to use the time spent in the waiting room to play casino games. Whether you’re at the hospital with your wife, who happens to be in labor, or waiting for a family member to get out of surgery, reaching for your phone to catch up on your daily gambling is off-limits.

You might get away with it at the dentist’s office, where people are mostly there to have their teeth cleaned, but hospitals are not a playground.

5. At a job interview

Showed up for an interview on time, just to find that the big boss isn’t ready to call you in to his office yet? We’ve all been there. “This is the perfect time for a little gambling,” you’ll say to yourself. Well… you’re wrong.

Getting distracted the second your expectations are not met is not what employers are looking for. Do you really think a business manager would hire you if he saw you playing on your mobile phone while waiting to be called into his office for a job interview? Not unless you’re a software developer.

6. During the Sunday sermon

Your wife, relatives and friends might forgive you for occasionally escaping into the world of gambling, but playing mobile casino games in a church is a sin that will be hard to erase. Some cults might be more open-minded when it comes to gambling, but no church will ever accept this behavior.

So what’s the point in having mobile casinos if you’re not allowed to play them during some of the most boring moments of your life? Well, just think of all the other moments when having a smartphone does work in your favor: on the bus, during your lunch break or when you’re just looking to relax on your couch, after a hard day’s work. Enjoy!