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big brother says no to online poker

While Icelandic Government trusts its citizens with mobile gambling, USA politicians think American adults are just too young and immature.

American politicians (with tears in their eyes) spent hours talking about the importance of personal freedom and yet a few hours later will enact laws which take freedom away.

Politicians in Iceland trust their adult residents to know best how to spend their hard earned money. American politicians trust no one, not even themselves.

“Gambling is not good for you…”, “It’s a sin…”, “Think of the children gambling…”, “A horrible addiction that destroys…”, “So many broken homes…”, “All those online and mobile casinos are fronts for terrorists.”

These slogans are constantly used to prevent American adults from individually deciding how to spend their own money during their free time.

Americans, you must fight for your freedom. Please use Casino Mobile Finder to match your mobile device with a reputable mobile casino and sign up.

You will be taking a stand for freedom and doing a small part in helping America take back its stolen freedoms one small step at a time.

Back in Iceland, the National Íslensk Getspá Lottery just signed a contract with Betware mobile casino platform which will allow residents to gamble by using a mobile device.

The signed contract will ensure that Iceland’s government operated lottery – Iceland Lotto and Viking Lotto will be conveniently available on the move at any time and any place adult residents decide to play. A verification process makes it difficult for children to access games.

The protection and verification features of mobile casinos are the equivalent of Americans keeping guns inside gun cabinets away from children. Just as a child could crack open the gun cabinet by using a power tool, so can a child install a malware program on your mobile, steal your credit card, your mobile and hack into your mobile casino account.

If your children cracks open safes, robs parents and hacks encrypted websites, then there are much deeper psychological issues to worry about. A few games of slots, a scratch ticket or a mobile bingo game could not possibly make the child’s mental state any worse. Seek psychiatric treatment for your kid

Returning to the press conference where Iceland’s National Lotto CEO Stefan Konradsson provided few details about the future direction of the Lotto. The CEO did not answer questions regarding the possibility of future Icelandic mobile sports betting or mobile casino games added to the mobile lottery offering.

Mr. Konradsson would only say that “Íslensk Getspá is always looking for ways to enhance our customers gaming experience. Betware Mobile Solutions are at the forefront of smartphone gaming software and is a great fit for our long term strategy.”