Integrity chosen by Nevada Gaming Commission
Age Verification

ID verification provider Integrity receives Nevada Gaming Commission approval.

With online and mobile casino gambling made legal in Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey, and several other states likely to follow suit, operators and lawmakers look to various companies to provide the technologies required by the new laws.

Gelocation and ID verification services related intrastate gambling are among those challenges that solution providers seek to answer. As it stands now, anyone wishing to play some mobile blackjack in, say, New Jersey, must be physically present in the state when doing so.

Ultimate Poker, for instance, has picked CAMS to provide these services. The disadvantage of the CAMS geolocation solution is that the company barred from accessing the Verizon network. (Apparently their preferred partner is the NSA.)

Of course all the current and future mobile casinos and poker rooms are also obliged to conduct stringent age checks.

On Friday, another company has acquired a service provider license from the Nevada Gaming Commission. Integrity, a division of Aristotle, has been in the business of age verification since 2001 and is thus entering the online/mobile gambling market.

Integrity’s technology allows the verification of players from across the world in under 3 seconds, covering 135 countries. The process relies on running the supplied info through an extensive database. It also includes a novel video verification option through Skype.

“For more than a decade, Integrity has pioneered the development of widely accepted compliance and age-verification technology for the commercial and government sectors. Integrity is the most comprehensive and cost-effective tool for online age- and identity-verification. We’ve tailored it to be available across multiple platforms to enable a safe venue for adults while mitigating risk and insuring compliance for operators,” said John Aristotle Phillips, the company CEO.

The licensing allows Integrity to provide its service to gaming technology company Aristocrat Technologies.

According to Aristocrat Technologies president Atul Bali, the company has “carefully evaluated player identification providers with the goal of keeping underage individuals off of our partners’ gaming sites, and we found Aristotle was the best choice to achieve our goals in this area. We are pleased that the Nevada Gaming Board and Nevada Gambling Commission unanimously approved Aristotle’s Gaming Supplier License.”