iPhone dominates USA smart phone market
iPhone Casinos

iPhone market share of the American smart phone market increases as developers of mobile casino software follow the trend.

According to a new report released by Nielsen, the Apple iPhone finally overtook Blackberry to reach the top spot in the USA smart phone market last October. A month later the iPhone’s share increased by 2 more percent. Developers of mobile gaming software quickly responded to the changing market conditions by reallocating resources. Developers are focusing on iPhone mobile gambling software, specifically slots, blackjack and iPhone jackpot apps.

According to Dr. Michael Cusumano, distinguished professor of management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “manufacturers often join with competitors to build OS software; both Hewlett-Packard and IBM contributed to the development of Linux. Thus, a software manufacturer may find it worthwhile to contribute to such complementary assets by discovering indirect ways to profit.”Competing manufactures of mobile casino platforms and mobile gambling software are beginning to see the benefit of exchanging information to speed up the development process of the next generation of iPhone casinos.

The online gambling industry currently generates upward of 50 billion dollars yearly and according to Jupiter Research, by 2015, mobile gambling will surpass the 48 billion dollar mark. Many casino software developers are closely following the Nielsen mobile ratings each month to not miss the next hot trend in smart phone usage. State lotteries are not far behind, and are in close discussion with mobile technology providers due to this major shift in gambling trends.