The global economic recession is starting to hit land casinos harder than ever. The biggest casinos in Atlantic City reported 13% drops in revenues during July. The Las Vegas strip was also hit hard, with gambling revenues dropping a full 15%. Are US players not gambling as much these days?

A deeper look shows that it’s not only gambling revenues that are down. Conferences and conventions are cancelling left and right, and attendance has dropped almost 30% since this time last year. Hotel rooms are sitting empty all across Vegas, despite casinos’ efforts to bring in customers by slashing prices and offering massive discounts. Even the airport in Las Vegas saw a 12% decline during the first half of 2009. It seems people are not traveling to major gambling areas as often as they did a few months ago.

These numbers suggest that people are not necessarily gambling less – maybe they’re just not going to the casinos as often as before. In fact, it is very possible that more people are staying at home and gambling online. It certainly makes good economic sense – gambling on the internet saves players an immense amount of money. Just a quick day trip to the casinos means players are also paying for gas and food while they’re out. A weekend trip costs even more, with hotel, airfare, food, drinks, and entertainment racking up a big bill. While these things are all good fun, now might not be the time to enjoy them.

There are other advantages to cutting back on these extras and just playing blackjack online. Internet blackjack games are far more flexible than those found in land casinos. Table limits are typically much lower, and free tournaments are held all the time, giving players plenty of opportunities to win big without spending much. Plus, since online games are enjoyed form the comfort of a player’s home, the stress of dressing up and going out to play alongside high rollers is gone. For some players, this makes all the difference.

There are dozens of great online blackjack casinos out there, and many still accept US players. Instead of making that next trip to Vegas or Atlantic City, why not just play online? You could even spend all that money you will save on more great online blackjack games!