The inclusion of poker scenes in Hollywood movies today seems inevitable, but memorable moments at the blackjack tables seem rare on-screen. BlackjackChamp presents some good scenes involving the most popular casino table game in the world. (Not included are films focusing on casino gambling such as Croupier and 21.) The top five – or six – blackjack scenes are the following.

5. Ocean’s Eleven. Maybe the blackjack scenes aren’t that memorable, especially for a movie set in Las Vegas, but Bernie Mac as a disgruntled dealer gets the best line in the movie: “S—, you might as well call it ‘whitejack.’”

4. Licence to Kill. Ian Fleming’s original James Bond preferred baccarat with the occasional turn at roulette. The Daniel Craig version of the character played Texas Hold ‘Em in the Casino Royale remake. But Timothy Dalton’s 007 took $250,000 from the tables at drug lord Franz Sanchez’ casino in nice fashion.

3. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Would you want Jack Nicholson to be the house at your blackjack game? Maybe if he were this amusing.

2.(tie). Rainman and The Hangover. While Rainman set the standard for the casino moments in Hollywood movies, the blackjack card counting scene in The Hangover was even more effective – plus, it had Heather Graham.

1. Swingers. What else? As funny as the rest of this movie is, the infamous “double down” sequence tops everything else in here, particularly with the continual repetition insisting on what to do with an 11, not to mention the greatest nickname ever given in a movie. And Heather Graham. It’s money, baby.

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