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Mobile Casino
Mobile Casino

A recent report from Juniper Research must certainly have some mobile casino providers dreaming of opportunity. The firm’s numbers show that not only are the Latin American economies expected to show an overall 4% “growth” amidst the economic crisis of 2010, both also that money spent on online gambling is up and mobile penetration levels have ballooned recently.

According to Juniper, 32.1% of Latin Americans, or 182.7 million people, had Internet access in 2009; this represents a 30% increase within the country since the previous year. And by year’s end, some 80% of citizens (469.1 million) now own mobile phones.

In terms of gambling, the combined revenues of nine countries (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, Peru, and Venezuela) alone generates about $33 billion annually, and the average Latin American spends $250 per year on gambling – both figures are increasing annually as well. Juniper estimates that the entire gambling market in Latin America could potentially be worth a total $150 billion.

Impressive numbers all from a foreign investor’s standpoint, and numbers that add up to one easy prediction about the future: Mobile casinos are set to become all the rage in much of the Western Hemisphere.