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casino robberies
Blackjack Robbery

April, 2011 monthly pick of the wildest theft, robbery and scam perpetrated at the casino blackjack tables throughout the world.

It is never a good idea to try to rob, steal from and defraud casino blackjack card games, or for that matter the casino itself. Why?

Even the smallest casino, with a couple of tables in a ‘one-horse town’ has more security cameras than twenty Wall Street banks. While the dealers may wear traditional feather headdresses or dress like clowns as a tourist gimmick, the security area will look more like a NASA space shuttle control center.

Equipped with the latest face recognition technology, proprietary artificial intelligence driven analytical software and satellite-quality spy cameras, thieves would have better luck pick-pocketing Barak Obama and Vladimir Putin at the next arms reduction conference.

Yet every month, hundreds of thieves from around the world try their best. Most fail despite elaborate plans, cheating devices and Hollywood quality disguises. Here is our number one pick for Blackjack Robbery of the Month for the entire month of April 2011.

Would this happen at a mobile casino or an online casino blackjack table?

On 8 April, a shy young man in his early 20’s sat down at the center seat of a mid-limit blackjack table at the Sugar House Casino. Another player at the same blackjack table was ‘buying-in’ for less than a thousand dollars. The dealer has just finishing laying out the money, in neat columns of hundreds, for the benefit of the security cameras.

All of a sudden, the ‘shy young man’ became an extrovert and in one swift strike, which witnesses compare to that of a cobra, snatched all but one bill laid out on the blackjack table. ‘I thought he was going to try to hug the dealer at first. He just kind of scooped all the money and some chips,’ a witness recounted in the police statement.

Hugging the pile of cash and chips tightly to his chest with both arms, the young man briskly exited the casino. “Not knowing what to do, no one tried to stop the suspect. The dealer was in shock. The pit boss was resolving a problem at a different table with his back turned,” a Pennsylvania state investigator wrote in the official report.

As of May 5, 2011, the suspect is still at large.

The unfortunate victim, the blackjack player ‘buying in’, is still in the process of seeking compensation for the stolen money. Since the casino did not officially take possession of the funds, but was still in the process of counting the bills, the insurance companies are giving the victim a hard time.

Such situations simply never occur at both mobile blackjack and online casino blackjack. Safety, security and comfort are just a few of the reasons why more and more blackjack aficionados prefer playing their favorite game from the comfort of their own homes, or for that matter wherever and whenever they decided, at reputable online and mobile casinos.