Scorsese to shoot new casino movie
Scorsese to shoot new casino movie










Apparently not satisfied with being one of the biggest producer/directors in Hollywood Martin Scorsese is to make a promotional film for a casino in Macau.

Discovering Martin Scorsese is to make a short promotional film for a new casino and resort in Macau is kind of like the moment you saw Johnny Rotten advertising butter on television. For a moment you can’t quite believe it, then you slump in outraged disappointment as you realize no one, not even the heroes of your now far off youth, are immune from selling out for the cash of commercialization. Of course punk is long since dead and perhaps Johnny had bills to pay, but what possible excuse can Scorsese have?

Martin Scorsese To Promote Casino

• Famous director to make short film for Studio City

• DiCaprio, De Niro and Pitt all involved

• Who will have the best casino table manners?

According to industry watchers the wholly successful RatPac Entertainment is to produce this short film that will be premiered at the newly completed movie-themed casino resort in Studio City, Macau, next year. Moreover Mr. Scorsese is to direct this short, which is being scripted by Terrence Winter (of The Wolf Of Wall Street fame) and is to star Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro. Yes, you read that right, the biggest director in Hollywood and three of the largest movie stars in the world are teaming up with a superb writer… to make an advert for a casino.

Precisely how this came about is a matter of conjecture, but one does have to wonder why anyone wanting to promote a casino would choose the one director well known for exposing casinos as being seedy, dangerous and run by criminals. Better yet the stars are Pitt, famous for robbing casinos in company of George Clooney, DiCaprio who played the owner of most casinos in Las Vegas for a time, and De Niro who spent much of the 1995 movie “Casino” being worried about getting whacked by his colleagues. Smart strategies for advertising are one thing, this something altogether different.

Just what sort of promotional film is this going to be? Are we really to see these well known actors suddenly switch the roles for which they’re so rightly famous for some ghastly saccharine sweet incarnations of themselves happily winning at blackjack? Only time will tell. It is rumored the making of this short will be used as a “warm up” for production of “Frank Sinatra” the Scorsese project now famous for not getting underway, but I think that might just be generosity of spirit in face of someone’s hero having sold out for cash once again.