Betting documentary
Betting documentary

The difference between casual and pro sports betting is long term strategy.

Are you a casual bettor, sitting down in front of your computer or grabbing your portable device for some mobile gambling? Do you stop by a betting shop on your way home to put some money on a football team or a horse? Well, there are people out there who actually make a living from betting, and we’re not talking about the bookies, either.

A new documentary directed by Isaac Feder and focusing on the real world of pro sports betting was released over the weekend. Featuring legendary players from the Las Vegas betting scene as well as sports media personalities, “Life on the Line” has received positive reviews from critics and betters alike.

According to the Vegas Wiseguy Report, there has never been “a movie that more authentically nails the experience of being a professional bettor.”

While the director has had a less than prolific career (his entire collection of prior works can be watched in under 30 minutes), this does not seem to have detracted from the quality and authenticity of his latest film.

The documentary takes viewers for a ride in the somewhat outlandish and enigmatic world of pro betters (and bookies), exploring what makes them different from the casual betters, what their “betting work” is like and how they make the most of a major event , in this case the Super Bowl.

The film’s main attraction is clearly its accuracy. The public and the media usually “have absolutely no idea how a professional bettor is treating his craft. It’s not just a misconception, there’s simply no knowledge,” claims Ted Sevransky, one of the pros appearing in the film.

Speaking to SportingNews, He went on to add: “You always see the same two characters in movies. You have the degenerate gambler, who no matter how much he wins or loses is always going to be freaking out. Then, you have the bookmaker, who’s the evil villain that’s going to break your legs every time you lose. It’s just a Hollywood formula, because I imagine that’s how mainstream America sees sports betting. This movie was specifically designed to be authentic.”

Although the world of gambling is undergoing significant changes, such as the advent of Mobile sports betting, it is not the tools that make the pros, but a careful calculation of long term odds. “When you’re talking about a professional sports bettor, you’re looking to win around 55 percent of your wagers over the long term. In order to make enough of a profit to make it worthwhile, you really want to be hitting 54-55 percent-plus,” says Sevransky.

If you are a sports betting enthusiast then you will probably want to watch this movie (available online) and see how the pros devise their smart, long term strategies.