Gaming future according to Aristocrat

Aristocrat re-confirms that online and mobile gaming is the future.

The online gaming world is set to face a glorious revolution with the oncoming and growing popularity of mobile gambling, according to Aristocrat gaming, one of Australia’s leading online and mobile game developers, as reported in the latest casino gambling news.

Chief executive at Aristocrat, Jamie Odell, recently said that within a time span of three to five years, the gaming industry will be completely altered and revolutionized with the advent of mobile gambling technology.

“We’re positioning Aristocrat to be part of that transformation. It’s a quite different approach: service-supported gaming as opposed to selling the box (gaming machine) and then coming back in a few years’ time for a conversion,” Mr. Odell said recently.

According to Mr. Odell, Aristocrat is also preparing itself for the transformation of the gaming industry by expanding lottery platforms, and operating a pay-per-play deal on downloadable games such as online blackjack to customers. In a more business orientated approach, Aristocrat is also rumored to be looking at setting up some account management systems in China.

Mr. Odell certainly feels as though mobile casino gambling has potential to run rings around all other forms of gambling, because it is so flexible and adaptable, and he leaves the world in no doubt, and under no illusion that this is the road where he plans on taking Aristocrat. But Mr. Odell isn’t counting his chickens just yet.

“I’d be cautious about this, but we do see it as a strong footprint and, moving into that core market, about how we can adapt the technology we already have to make it relevant to mobiles and in time to build that business,” Mr. Odell added.

Aristocrat currently produces hundreds of online and mobile games and has recently seen a net profit of $66.1 million for last year, although this was down 14.3% on the previous year. Aristocrat is rumored to believe that the release of a range of new games in 2012, including new mobile poker games will almost certainly raise the profit by this time next year.

Mr. Odell also stated that “significant new game releases in all major markets, progress in targeting profitable segments and continued cost discipline will drive a further lift in operational performance in 2012.”