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winning blackjack tournaments strategy
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Online blackjack tournaments require players to readjust their strategy in order to have a shot at winning any event.

There is a world of a difference between live table games and blackjack tournaments just as there is in poker.

In a recent ruling, Swedish Supreme Court ruled that tournament poker is a game of skill while live table game poker is a game of luck. The court stated that when players compete against each other till the last chip, without the ability to stand up, pick up the winning and simply walk out, skill is more important than luck.

I personally disagree, and feel both forms of poker are skill based, since few jokers would walk into the casino, double up on their first hand, cash out and leave to do something different. But enough about poker; Obama’s betrayal of the American players, who mostly voted for him, is enough to depress a whole army of comedians.

First of all, it’s important to read the rules of the tournament a few times to get a clear idea of all the blackjack rule variations from the way you normally play and to adjust your play accordingly.

The format of a blackjack tournament is simple. All players start with an identical amount of chips. A certain number of hands are played, between 25-30 usually, and whoever has the most amounts of chips after the hands are played, progresses to the next round. The rest of the seats are filled either by a lucky draw, in order by chip counts, or a combination of both with a few wild spots left open for the last minute return.

What’s important to remember is that you’re playing with tournament chips which are worth nothing, and not real money. If you are the last to act (depends where they seat you), you have advantage since you can see if players before you are betting large or small, and their stacks of chips and react accordingly. There isn’t much you can do if you are seated first, but try to predict what people behind you will do based on their prior strategy and their stack size.

This is the time to go wild. Things that you’ll never consider doing in a table games, like splitting tens or doubling down on a five, are fair game during a tournament if there are only a couple of hands left and you are far and behind. In fact doubling down on a natural 21 (treating it as an 11) is a perfect strategy if you have to catch up fast.

It’s important to keep tabs on players around you and their online blackjack strategy and chip counts. Usually the difference between the 1st and 2nd place can be as ninety percent.

Only the players who keep their eyes peeled and focus on beating their human opponents (and not just the dealer) are the ones who will succeed in winning an online blackjack tournament.