Playing blackjack online is a time-consuming activity, and it doesn’t always pay out right away. Blackjack is a slow-paying game, and players often have to suffer through long losing streaks in order to hit pay dirt.

Online slots, on the other hand, offer quick and fast-paced gameplay. A few clicks, win or lose, then move on. There’s not much thought involved, and the payouts can be absolutely enormous. Players who focus on Progressive Slots can win millions with a single spin – something online blackjack will never offer. Slots are certainly tempting – no learning curve, fast gameplay, and the biggest payouts on the net.

Which is superior, online blackjack or online slots? Well, it’s obvious which we’ll choose, but it might not be obvious why. We run a blackjack website, so blackjack is our game. It’s a game of skill, which means blackjack players don’t throw their arms up and leave everything to chance. Slots might offer fast, easy games and big wins, but in the end, the numbers don’t lie – players are much more likely to win while playing online blackjack with a good strategy and a little experience than they are to win at online slots. Slots are 100% random, but with blackjack, some know-how can tilt the odds substantially.

The best part about playing online blackjack is that practicing will increase a player’s chances of winning, which is not the case with slots. Many online casinos offer free play, and they let members spend as much time as they want playing blackjack games with free credits. Playing for free doesn’t win any money, but it lets players work hard to perfect their game before risking a penny!

We’ve compiled a list of free online blackjack games that can be played at trusted online casinos. If you are new to the game, then play for a few hours with some free credits, learn the moves, then sign up at an online blackjack casino and make a small deposit. With a little effort, you’ll soon be swimming in cash!