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Research shows Americans prefer digital purchases when it comes to buying their games

Mobile casino gambling and online gaming platforms in general are increasing in popularity, as a recent study conducted by Newzoo shows that Americans spent $20.5 billion on games this year. Another interesting fact is that 65% of those purchases were made online.

According to Newzoo, as much as $13.3 billion of that total revenue comes via online downloads, PCs, smartphones and tablets, while income generated through retail sales and boxed games dropped by 10%, reaching only $6.4 billion this year.


The report indicates that there are 170 million active gamers across the United States of America and 60% of them spend an average of $16.50 every month. China is the only country that has more players, but they are only spending half of what Americans are willing to pay to quench their thirst for gaming.

Meanwhile, Newzoo says tablet gaming is the fastest-growing gaming category, reaching an annual growth of 47.6% in 2013. In comparison, smartphone gaming has only gone up by 18.8%. Cross-screen gaming is another developing market, as American users are spending more and more time playing.

The number of OC, TV, mobile, tablet or handheld gamers has gone up by 10 million in the past two years, reaching 40 million. With online and mobile casinos being legalized recently in certain US states, virtual gambling software is also becoming increasingly popular.