lottoplastic20140613New Cooperation

Plastic Mobile, Canadian mobile agency, was chosen to be the “vendor of record” on the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation’s mobile list.

Melody Adhami, Plastic Mobile president and chief operating officer commented on the mobile gambling news: “We’re very excited to work with OLG and to take part in mobilizing lottery and gaming across Ontario.”


Furthermore: “As mobile continues to flourish across industries, we’ll be working closely with OLG to bring mobile innovation to the forefront of gaming practices in the province of Ontario, and we intend to set the bar very high.”

This important deal was signed after the launch of OLG’s upgrading plan, thanks to which the private sector involvement has expanded and the gaming was transferred to digital channels.

Additionally, later this year, OLG plans to launch an internet gaming platform, which will offer huge variety of interactive casino-style games for online play like slots, video poker and table games, where players can implement various smart strategies in order to increase their chances of winning.