The main star of the upcoming “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” got himself kicked out of another casino.

It wasn’t long ago that Ben Affleck made the headlines, after being banned from a Las Vegas casino for allegedly using card counting system to win at blackjack. Now Star Magazine claims the actor got kicked of another casino in Windsor.

American casino gambling news revealed the actor was supposed to be filming in Detroit and decided to spend his spare time at a local casino. Affleck was reportedly spotted at the Caesars Windsor Hotel and Casino, at the high roller table. It is also rumored that his wife Jennifer Garner is planning to take measures to combat his addiction.

Is Ben Affleck addicted?

About two months ago, Ben Affleck was banned from Hard Rock casino in Las Vegas after playing blackjack. It is believed that he was counting cards and winning more than the casino was willing to lose, so he was escorted out and asked to come back another time or play at a different venue.

Now the media is claiming that his actress wife, Jennifer Garner, is worried that things might have gone too far. Rumor has it she decided to cancel the family’s summer trip and join her husband in Detroit, where she will be able to watch him more closely.