With the following smart strategy books you’ll can enter the professional league of blackjack card counters.

The impact of blackjack books on casinos was extremely big. Unfortunately, blackjack is not the game it once was, since many destinations changed and hardened the rules. However, to learn blackjack strategies is not pointless at all. In the last part of the Reading List for Blackjack players readers will get to know some of the most useful books written for intermediate and advanced players.

Most of these guides contain the basic rules of blackjack, too. If the reader is sick of the repetition they may want to skip these parts. But even if you’re on an almost professional level, it is always profitable to look through the basics, so your knowledge is infallible. If you’re on a beginner level, check out our previous reviews, which were intended for beginners and intermediates.

Information on side-games

Professional Blackjack‘ by Stanford Wong is based on the High-low counting system which is used by many serious players. This counting method is not Wong’s invention, however his take on it is more than convincing. His book is based on his extensive researches and it contains a truly grounded approach on the popular strategy. After the account of blackjack basics the guide explains the High-Low system. This part is extremely detailed, with information about the edge, the variants depending on different rules and other important facts. Some may say that it is more specific than needed, but keep in mind that this guide is intended to professionals.

Wong’s book provides useful blackjack tips for side-games, too. The Over-Under 13 was a popular side bet in many casinos around the globe. With these descriptions and advices the reader can acquire a valuable knowledge on it. Wong continues with the explanation of the Wong Halves Count which is one of the most advanced card counting systems out there. This approach is used only by a few, due to its complexity, but it’s really beneficial to discuss it. The specialty of this smart strategy is that it provides a really accurate estimate on the player’s advantage. Following this part, the book offers extensive information on win rates, ace side-counts, win rates, card clumping and shuffles. Professional Blackjack is concluded with charts based on computer simulations and a handy glossary. Even though this guide might be a bit exhausting or dated, it’s still a must have in the card counters library.

The nuances of blackjack

Blackjack Attack: Playing the Pros’ Way‘ by Don Schlesinger is far from a basic text on blackjack. This is a bible for the advanced players who are already familiar with blackjack rules and other systems and want to use them in the most effective way. Therefore, players should read some of the major books on blackjack theory, even if those are said to be dated. Many readers agree that Blackjack Attack is the definite guide for modern blackjack rules. Maybe because this compact writing is based on relevant information which is perfectly described while still allowing the reader to think on his own.

Blackjack Attack is based on the Blackjack Forum articles of Don Schlesinger. The third edition is said to be the most useful blackjack weapon since Thorp’s Beat the Dealer, and it was praised by almost all blackjack professionals. It contains ultimate description on team play, comparison of systems, optimal betting, analysis of risk and camouflage. The third edition is extended with such information which sounds new even to the most proficient players. Schlesinger is the father of the Illustrious 18, a system that uses index numbers to indicate the mathematic accuracy of particular play. Among many other relevant information, this is also included in the guide.

The professional’s life

In the 70’s Ian Andersen wrote a classic casino book ‘Burning the Tables in Las Vegas: Keys to Success in Blackjack and In Life’. After its publication the author disappeared from the blackjack scene, without anybody knowing what he’s up to. In 1999 Andersen returned with a guide named ‘Burning The Tables in Las Vegas—Keys to Success in Blackjack and in Life’. This long-awaited sequel is based on his experiences collected while perfecting his personal blackjack tricks.

His innovative approach is based on mathematics, mental and physical wellbeing and psychology. It addresses every aspect of blackjack with a never-before-seen methodology. The book contains many anecdotes from the author himself. It is intended for high rollers, without addressing the basics of the game. If you’d like to take glimpse into the life and lifestyle of a successful player while learning about advanced techniques, this book is your perfect match.

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