de-niroDe Niro’s new role?

Impressive star cast, including Robert De Niro is being selected for screening the life of the casino guru Gary Green.

Borsalino Films, the producers of the project, obtained the rights to use Gary Green’s gambling memoir, which contains vivid stories from the life of the notorious casino boss’s smart strategies.

Both a director and writer are yet to be selected for the film with working title “Gambling Man”. It is thrilling that Robert De Niro is one of the actors that is considered for the lead role, but no negotiations have started yet.

Furthermore, the casino gambling news continued with company’s discussion of the plot: “The plot line will be nothing sort of epic, like the book, pulling no punches as it traces the boss’s personal escapades through the history of the casino world from the last days of Meyer Lansky to Green’s adventures as a Donald Trump Vice President”.

Remake of a gambling movie classic is also going to be shot

Paramount will make a remake of the movie classic “The Gambler”, starring Mark Wahlburg and Jessica Lange. Wahlburg will play the role of Caan – a college professor who develops an obsessive gambling issue. Brie Larson is also discussing a role in the movie. Additionally, Rupert Wyatt is being selected to direct the remake.