margaret-loughreyMargaret Loughrey

Margaret Loughrey, who won GBP 27 million lottery jackpot last year, was involved in an international scam, after she revealed her anonymity and announced that the money will be used to transform peoples’ lives for the better.

The global fraud is using Northern Ireland to try and steal money from innocent people via the name of the winner from Strabane, Co Tyrone. After her grand luck, she became the country’s biggest winner in history of the lottery.

The smart strategies scheme consists of mails, which are sent in numerous countries, claiming that Loughrey has decided to give away GBP 600,000 through her own charitable organization. The mail continues requiring personal information from the recipients, followed by link, covering the lottery win and finally signed with “Sincerely, President Margaret Loughrey”.

Luckily the fraud was disclosed

The truth came out through the Bittenus website, which explained the methods used by the criminals. If only this was a casino game, victims could have used Blackjack Tricks to win, instead of loose from the online scam. It was explained that once the information was acquired, people were chased via all possible channels to give the actual money.

The Bittenus spokesperson commented: “Lottery scams have existed long before email was invented, but email has made it possible for the scammers to reach many more victims at little or no cost and only a tiny bit of effort.”