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flaw in the new Verizon iPhone 4 for mobile casinos
Verizon iPhone 4

The new Verizon iPhone 4 uses a prehistoric CDMA network which does not allow users to simultaneously connect to the internet and receive a telephone call.

If you are thinking about purchasing the new Verizon iPhone 4, think again, unless you don’t plan to use the phone for playing at mobile casinos. A little known fact is that the original AT&T iPhone 4, which was released last summer, uses the GSM 3G system. GSM is able to handle phone calls and an internet connection simultaneously; so you can still split a pair of 10s in a blackjack tournament (or check raise ‘all-in’ on the river in poker) while answering a phone call without being disconnected.

The new Verizon iPhone 4 will be using CDMA 3G, which unfortunately is unable to maintain both an internet and a telephone connection simultaneously. So if your least favorite great aunt calls you in the middle of a monster pot in poker or during a timed blackjack or slots tournament, Verizon CDMA will disconnect you from the internet (and the mobile casino software) and will patch the call through.

On the bright note for Apple, 100 million Verizon users can now use the iPhone, and can even keep their old phone number. AT&T (GSM network) is advertised at maxing out at lightning fast 7.2 mbps. Verizon (CDMA network) is advertised at maxing out at 3.1 mbps. In reality, AT&T network is perpetually clogged so chances are very high that with Verizon, your internet connection will be significantly faster.

The vast majority of mobile casino gurus would rather recommend doubling down on 19 at a mobile black jack casino than recommend Verizon iPhone 4 (CDMA). According to mobile gambling news, the new iPhone 4 will be available at Verizon stores starting February 14th and will retail for around $700 (with no contract), and $199 (with a 2 year contract).