Smartphones are the future of mobile casinos
Future Mobile Casinos

4G Smartphones will introduce the second generation of mobile casinos and mobile gambling software that will improve the mobile gambling industry.

The Consumer Electronics Show 2011 (CES 2011) was bursting this year with innovative technology whose very existence would’ve been considered impossible just ten years ago not only by top scientists but by science fiction writers. However we live in a rapidly evolving consumer driven market that can transform a brilliant diamond into a chunk of broken glass quicker than you can say AOL. The age of electronics saw a few products and concepts that completely altered multi-billion dollar industries and evaporated the market share of leading brands practically overnight.

The arrival of the 4G Smartphone signals the coming of a new age in desktop and mobile gambling which should naturally progress into the eventual merger of the two standards. For the past year, developers of mobile casino games and gambling software mostly sat on the sidelines waiting to see if mobile gamblers and mobile casino owners will give the smartphone their ‘stamp of approval’. There is less risk to develop new gambling software for a proven online casino industry than for the still infant and unproven mobile gambling industry. Now, the yearend numbers are in, certifying the smartphone a successful product by both gamblers and mobile casino owners. Developers promise a substantial increase in new mobile casino games by the summer of 2011.

The 4G Smartphone with HTML 5 will function on par with the desktop computer to allow mobile gamblers to play on browser powered casinos instead of searching for and downloading casino apps. Dual processors, faster wireless networks, and other hardware/operating system improvements along with 3D wireless glasses will give gamblers a superior gambling experience at home, on the beach or during a boring lecture.

Operators of mobile casinos, sports books and bingo saw revenues increase by 50% to 100% from the previous year. Developers of mobile casino games and mobile casino software saw a 70%-90% yearly increase in the smart phone market. Statistics show that mobile gamblers spend at least twice as much time per session as traditional internet gamblers since mobile gamblers can play anywhere and anytime. Developers are already allocating more resources towards the creation of new mobile casino slots, sports and mobile blackjack games. There is general consensus that the 4G Smartphone will create a win/win situation with never before seen profits for mobile casino operators; while providing a convenient and exciting experience for the gambler.