Pax Casino on the forefront of protecting kids
Blackjack Casino

Parx Casino begins to automatically ban all blackjack players who leave their children alone inside a car parked on casino property.

Top management of Pennsylvania’s Parx Casino is at the forefront of permanently banning blackjack players for life if they are caught leaving children unattended inside a car in the casino’s parking area. During the past year Parx Casino followed state guidelines by notifying the car’s owner inside the casino and alerted law enforcement without detaining the player. Some of the uncaring parents were able to drive away before police arrived. A few players were arrested, convicted of misdemeanor child endangerment and incarcerated for a term of 6-12 months. Upon release from prison, the blackjack player was able to return to Parx Casino or to any of the other nine licensed casinos in Pennsylvania and begin participating in blackjack card games. That is no longer the case.

After a series of informal discussions between Parx Casino, the state casino licensing board and child health professionals, Parx will now permanently ban each blackjack player caught leaving a child unattended inside parked cars on casino property. Parx Casino will also add the perpetrator’s name into Pennsylvania‘s “Black Book”, effectively banning them for life from entering every state licensed casino . According to casino gambling news, “the fear of being banned from every state casino will provide the incentive to stop child endangerment on casino property.”

Each state and Indian reservation with licensed casinos has their own list of banned players. These lists are shared between state licensing agencies, so a blackjack player banned in Pennsylvania may find themselves unable to play blackjack in Atlantic City or Foxwoods. They may even find their name in Las Vegas infamous “Black Book” next to professional cheaters and mafia bosses like Al Capone, leaving the player with no alternative but to begin playing online blackjack.