baccarat and craps boost vegas profits
Vegas Profits

According to casino gambling news, Las Vegas hotels and casinos have had an amazing run this June, with overall profits up a mind boggling 32.3% compared to the previous year.

Industry insiders and casino analysts have been breaking their heads trying to explain what caused the jump at a time of economic turmoil and excruciatingly hot 110+ degree weather.

Las Vegas is definitely not a favorite place for gamblers to visit during the summer desert heat especially with all the new gambling operations available in the United States and world.

The strangest part is that when casinos were visited they practically look like abandoned ghost towns. The casino clubs, bars and restaurants seem to be doing brisk business but there is no visual indication of increased gambling activity which would explain June’s jump in numbers.

According to the latest figures during the month of June, Las Vegas casinos pulled in 489.2% more off baccarat, 190.4% more off craps, 26% more off blackjack card games and only 1.5% more off slots.

The new popularity of baccarat, a favorite amongst Asian gamblers, is difficult to explain especially since the Macau and Singapore mega-casinos are much closer without the oppressive summer climate.