illegal immigrant hookers fast tracked for green cards
U Visa # 1

Despite American President Barak Hussein Obama’s pseudo-amnesty for illegal immigrants which so far prevented the repatriation of some 20 million foreign nationals in the United States, the powerful lobby for persons who snuck into the United States illegally is unhappy.

“They changed the game and that’s not right,” commented Julio Gonzales after learning about the new loophole in the US immigration laws which gives preferential status to prostitutes who are illegal immigrants over other types of illegal immigrants such as illegal immigrant drug smugglers for example.

According to casino gambling news, few people have heard of the ‘U visa’, the shining jewel in the crown of every Liberal American politician.

“U-Visa (also called Crime Victim Visa) allows an illegal immigrant to remain in the US, get work authorization, and get a “green card” fast tracked,” happily chirps a recording in a strong Hispanic accent at a state agency in North Carolina.

The beauty of the scam is the simplicity.

Upon jumping, swimming or running across the US border, a foreign national simply needs to walk into a police station and file a report claiming they were trafficked into the USA for the purpose of being ‘pimped out’ or exploited physically, financially, emotionally or sexually.

That’s it. Easy as cake. A flood of foreign nationals employed in prostitution has already had a negative impact on overall prices as well as caused many American born or naturalized hookers to go out of business.