MobiBet from Vermantia
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Greek Company Vermantia Launches MobiBet Mobile Betting Application

Greek digital content provider Vermantia have announced the release of their new mobile sports betting solution: MobiBet. The new application will allow gambling operators to seamlessly integrate their products in restricted areas, making life easier for their punters.

Despite the major recent growth in the mobile gambling industry, Vermantia have not chosen to launch a fully fledged mobile sportsbook, instead offering their existing corporate clients an app that will run over their WiFi systems at current Points of Sale.

The MobiBet system works by providing dedicated live feeds through the smartphone and tablet app, allowing the user to watch the game or race of their choice in a shop with limited space to display televisions. The application can be fully integrated with the operators current services, such as an e-wallet.

The move comes as companies are increasingly looking to take advantage of modern technology in the betting sphere. iPad gambling is one of the latest trends: where bookmakers and casinos have iPads set up to be used as a betting terminal by punters. This is often seen as a cheaper option than investing in expensive machines, and also allows a certain level of flexibility.

MobiBet is available for both iOS and Android powered devices, and will be installed as a native app, whether the user has an iPhone or the latest Samsung Galaxy. Vermantia also envisage the app being used as virtual signage when there is no betting action taking place, giving the operator greater flexibility.