White Samsung Galaxy Note
White Galaxy Note

Samsung decided to treat mobile gamers to a shiny white edition of the popular Galaxy Note smartphone just in time for Christmas.

Fans of mobile casinos have endless choices when it comes to devices suitable for real money mobile gambling. Yet, the color palette of smartphones is usually limited to black or aluminum. Samsung decided to break the spell and launched a white version of its Galaxy Note.

First launched in Korea, the new edition of the phone proved to be extremely popular and convinced the Korean giant to treat other fans of Android casinos to the white Galaxy Note as well. The new smartphone can now be purchased in both black and white suits in a number of markets worldwide.

The device is an LTE-enabled crossover between a tablet and a smartphone. With its 5.3 screen, the Galaxy Note is big enough to offer amazing mobile casino gambling experience rivaled only by larger tablets and is still small enough to fit in your pocket unlike clumsy 10 inch tablets.

All internal features of the white version are identical to those of the black brother, and the price tag is also the same. But who says mobile gambling has to be dull. The white dress of the Galaxy Note will certainly brighten any day of a mobile gamer.

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