Control slots with your mind at NeuroMash

NeuroMash is Looking for Backers at Indiegogo for Mind Control Casino App

There’s a new player at the mobile casino table, and this one is a bit different to the others. You see, NeuroMash works by having you stop the reels on a slot game with just the power of your mind.

The new iPhone and Android casino app is looking for backers at Indiegogo, the crowdfunding website, at the moment, so if you want to be a part of the action early, then head over there.

Labeled as β€œMind Control: The Final Frontier of Casino Gaming!”, NeuroMash is definitely a new concept, and they will also be releasing Mac, PC, iPhone and Android blackjack and roulette games, all based on the same concept.

While it may not have any impact on real money casinos, this is another app that is looking to tap into that social casino craze that has cropped up recently. With Facebook slot games and casinos seemingly here to stay, there has been a definite push into the social sphere by casino companies and mobile games developers alike, as they try to tap into a huge market.

NeuroMash looks something different, though, and the headset that clips onto your ear is interesting to say the least. It could end up a flop, but perhaps it could signal a new direction for casino apps in the future, who knows.