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Illegal Mumbai Gambling Operation Closed Down by Indian Police

Aug 10, 2013

Illegal gambling operation busted in Mumbai
Mumbai police bust

An illegal gambling ring in Mumbai has been uncovered by Indian police force followed by confiscations and arrests.

Illegal gambling is a big problem for India and its economy, the current efforts of law enforcement agencies are not enough to tackle the issue, but separate actions do result in identifying and closing down certain criminal activities.

Casino gambling news has just reported on another illegal gambling ring in Mumbai being closed down by the authorities. The action was preceded by extensive surveillance, which allowed the police force to obtain the necessary search warrants.

Police has confiscated various electronic devices used for mobile casino gambling and a wealth of other evidence. 33 suspects were arrested, found to be gambling or working at seven different locations in Mumbai.

Police commissioner, Sunil Paraskar, commented: “Before we raided the gaming parlours, we wanted to be sure that what was going on it was a form of gambling. Not only have citizens lost lakhs of rupees in online gambling, but the government, too, has been cheated as these establishments had licenses for a software business.”

L G Shinde, the investigating officer on the case, shared: “We sent dummy customers with marked notes to these parlours. After introductions, the dummy customers were provided user IDs and passwords to create accounts. They paid a minimum of Rs 1,000 to start playing.”

He went on to add: “Once a player gets his user ID, he does not have to visit the parlour again. The virtual casino can be accessed online from home, office or on smartphone while travelling. Winning amounts are delivered at home or picked up from the parlour.”

Police has also revealed that they were alerted to the illegal gambling activities by former customers, who lost large sums of cash, in some case so sizeable that they had to sell off their properties in order to repay the debts. Police estimates that there are at least 300 more illegal gambling establishments still operating in the region.

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