2048-beaten-310314Beaten 2048?

It’s spread like wildfire, yet another winner in the great viral content game. We’re talking about the game 2048, of course.

Yet unlike a lot of viral games, 2048 is devilishly hard for all the right reasons. In fact, you have to engage your math knowledge to a high level when it comes to getting your hands on that 2048 tile.

That base of math knowledge underpins the game like no other, and it is this that brings the game a whole new meaning: as a training ground for something that can actually make you money.

Which Tile Goes Where

One of the hardest things to keep track of in 2048 is the exact pattern you need to make to change each tile into a larger number. There are a million and one smart strategies out there, but most of the more successful ones include the use of the corner as a tool.

2048 was a game created by Italian developer Gabriele Cirulli:

• Based on the games Threes and 1024

• Aim is to create a 2048 square

• Spawned a host of new versions including Dr Who, Hex and 4096

In other words, you’re using the edge of the game to tip the balance in your favor, something that will be very familiar to players of another game.

While casino blackjack may seem completely different on paper, it actually has a huge amount in common with 2048. So if you’re great at this latest viral game, then use that knowledge! Unlike Flappy Bird, this one can actually make you rather a lot of money.

How 2048 strategy ties into blackjack

Still, going from moving numbered tiles around to playing blackjack hands is still something of a stretch, so how do they tie in?

Well, the first place to start is card counting. In both games, you need to count the cards – or tiles – that are coming up in order to gain a competitive advantage over the house – or computer. In 2048, this means making sure that no matter whether a 2 or a 4 pop up, you can connect it to another tile.

In blackjack, though, you need a little more thought. Each card should be assigned a positive or negative value, and then the counting begins.

That’s not the only similarity

Counting the cards tiles isn’t the only tie in between the two games, though. While card counting is frowned upon by casinos, whipping your phone out for a quick game of 2048 at the blackjack table is also likely to drop you in hot water.

It’s not just the little things, either. While 2048 may initially appear rather like a typical block based game, it gets progressively harder as it goes along. While you may have that 1024 tile in the corner, ready to turn into the game winning 2048, getting the two 512 tiles together can be a nightmare.

The same can happen in blackjack, too. Count away and after a while each +1 and each -1 get blurred together. Suddenly you don’t know if it’s time to bet 5 or 25, stick or twist. Of course, there are ways to avoid that paralysis, and that’s what you’ve got to learn if you want to make some real money playing blackjack.

Simple is better

There are 101 different blackjack strategy guides out there, and each is more complicated than the last. So it’s probably a good decision to pick a simple solution to start with. One of the simplest is the outstandingly simple Hi-Lo Count.

In this count, you simply assign a +1 to the cards between 2 and 6, a 0 to 7,8 and 9, and a -1 to the 10, jack, queen, king and ace. Whenever you have a positive count in your head, there is a greater chance of larger cards appearing, so you should bet higher.

While it is very simple, Hi-Lo is an effective count, though it isn’t a foolproof plan: there is still luck involved, of course, this just tips the odds in your favor. There are other more complex strategies that can bring you even better odds, but they’re not really for beginners.

Transferring those 2048 skills

Yet how do you actually transfer over those well earned 2048 skills to the blackjack realm.

Well think about it: what better way to hone your math skills than by simple addition. You’re exercising your brain and having fun at the same time. By now you’ve surely spent a fair few hours on 2048, so it’s the perfect chance to try something a bit harder.

You can find guides to blackjack strategy across the web, but it’s all about believing in your own ability. It’s no good going into a casino thinking you’re going to lose: no, you’ve got to get to that table thinking you’re going to clean the bank out!

First, though, why not get practicing with some online blackjack. There are loads of games to test out your new found skills, so try your luck with some free games first, before moving on to real money. Who knows: perhaps you’ll win big!