DVD released of Holy Rollers blackjack movie
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Holy Rollers – the critically acclaimed documentary about a team of professional blackjack card counters who happen to be Christian missionaries has been released for your home video library.

Holy Rollers, an amazing real-life documentary which follows a team of master blackjack card counters as they smash casinos from coast to coast using nothing but skill has been released on VOD and DVD.

Directed by Bryan Storkel, the critically acclaimed visionary some have called ‘the young Stephen Spielberg of documentaries,” (a moniker he hates), Holy Rollers is an entertaining wild ride and a must own film for anyone who is a blackjack player or a movie buff.

Amazingly, the team itself is composed of Christian missionaries and pastors who through the use of advanced card counting systems win millions while dodging casino security. Frequently while wearing elaborate disguises, this motley crew of card counting experts preaches, plays blackjack and pisses off casino security. The team averages as much as $100,000 a month in blackjack profits while ‘doing God’s work’.

The best part is that the documentary is 100% real. If you ever wanted to see how pro card counters do it, here is your chance.

This exciting documentary shows real-life recordings (as the filmmaker followed the group) of card counting taking place, casino surveillance personnel and guards physically removing the players from the casinos, as well as religious beliefs of the members and how these relate to gambling.

This movie will definitely make those viewers from the Bible-Belt have a second look at the whole concept of gambling and perhaps vote for legal online casino blackjack the next time it’s on the ballot. On the other hand, many preachers will freeze in terror, seeking to burn DVDs of this “blasphemous film”.

Surely, if the Holy Inquisition was still in existence, the filmmaker would need to hide. Or burn at stake. Unlikely, since judging by the latest gambling news, a good number of priests seem to be sinning at their local casinos after mass.

At the same time, what does playing blackjack has to do with religion? If casinos seek to profit at players’ expense, why shouldn’t gamblers use skill to beat the casino at their own game?

Find out by ordering Holy Rollers on VOD or DVD via iTunes, Amazon, Blockbuster OnDemand or through every major cable/satellite provider.