Online casinos in India
Casinos in India

Indian government steps up efforts to prevent citizens from accessing foreign based online gambling destinations.

Millions of Indian card counting system gurus grow increasingly frustrated. While gambling in India is mostly illegal and only available in a few isolated places, the Indian government’s further actions seek to block Indians from entering foreign gambling sites and online poker or online blackjack tournaments.

Yet, in a country of 1.2 billion people, gambling has existed for thousands of years, and betting on a wide variety of things, including chicken fights, is a national sport.

South Asian Growth Opportunities

India’s huge gambling market offers the highest potential for growth in the world. According to casino gambling news and Media Entertainment Consulting Network (MECN) report, online gambling in India could produce annual revenues exceeding US $50 billion.

Meanwhile, Sri Lankan government is aiming to take advantage of India’s indecision and crackdown on online and mobile casino gambling by moving aggressively to attract foreign investment for hotels and online casinos in Sri Lanka.

This move will, within a couple of years, attract Indian as well as Chinese gamblers to Sri Lankan shores while Indian casino opportunities will remain untapped. In that case, Indians will be forced to go abroad, attend illegal underground casinos, or bet money on village chicken fights, while hoping that authorities don’t show up.