Balotelli threatens to murder
A kill for banana

One man, a professional Manchester City player, is willing to kill and go to jail over a banana.

As the latest sports betting news report, Mario Balotelli, at present an Italian national team player expecting to play in the Euro 2012 Championships, threatened to commit murder if someone throws a banana at him.

Balotelli stated that “if someone throws bananas at me in the street, I’ll go to jail because I’ll kill him.”

This Italian team player, an offspring of Ghanian immigrants, has been raised by an Italian family, Balotellis, as his biological parents were unable to take care of him. Currently, he plays for Manchester City after gaining much dislike by some Italian football fans for wearing AC Milan t-shirt on the Italian television, while being a player of Inter.

It is rumored that after the banana hate speech, Balotelli has been nicknamed by some in the football circles as ”Banano-telli.” What is surprising is the lack of reaction from Euro 2012 organizers after the threats of murder by this apparently emotionally unstable player.

Unfortunately for Italians, now they need to face Balotelli’s anger on top of match-fixing scandals in the Italian league as well as the recent loss of 3-0 to Russia. Will 2006 World Champions make it out of the group? Many football punters are now not so sure.

The hype continues

The accusations of racism in Poland and Ukraine by the players of African descent do not stop. The former England’s defender, Sol Campbell, advised fans not to travel to Poland and Ukraine because of alleged racism. While racist events happen all over the world, these are very rare and isolated events in the host countries, and such remarks as Campbell’s only insult local populations.

Malgorzata Wozniak, a spokesperson for the Ministry of the Interior in Poland, claimed that Campbell’s remarks go against ”the views of international security experts.” Thus, the players as well as their families and fans should not fear.

Much of the worries began after BBC Panorama has shown Polish and Ukrainian football thugs misbehaving while drunk. On the other hand, BBC somehow misses frequent mentioning of the threats of terror during London Summer Olympics. After all, the British capital is home to many Islamo-fascists, seeking Jihad and Sharia Law, and this increasingly makes the city to be known as Londonistan.

As the Euro Football Championships and sports betting go on, we wonder if the organizers will prevent the fans from carrying on bananas into stadiums. After all, a kilo of bananas in Poland sells for about one euro.