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Man spends £80,000 on scratchcards and wins absolutely nothing!

Dave Mannix is probably not the only person in Britain to have spent £80,000 on National Lottery scratchcards over the last 20 years. However, he may well be the only one to have spent it buying almost every single scratchcard that the National Lottery ever made. And he’s definitely the only one not to have won a penny from his purchases.

Around 10,000 of them have never been scratched, yet their expiry date has been and gone many moons ago. And of the ones that have been scratched, none of them have been redeemed.

The Cheshire man has 100,000 scratchcards. His collection encompasses almost every card the National Lottery has ever produced – except for the 1994 Christmas scratchcard which he has never been able to track down. The 42-year-old told Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper: ”I did it for the fun of collecting more than anything else.”

Collections can collect on big money

At first it would appear that Mr. Mannix has either been grossly unlucky or else he has been neglectful in not employing smart strategies, but he may have the last laugh with his collection, as it may, in the long term, prove to give him quite a windfall.

Although Mr. Mannix formed his collection simply for the joy of collecting, there has also been a monetary reason for his collection. He is now selling the cards, and hopes to make £500,000. Perhaps he can turn his attention to a more profitable means of gambling, such as mobile slots. Don’t hold your breath, though.