nepalese-jail-040414Sent to jail

Nepalese man goes to jail for five months because he marked playing cards in two casinos in Singapore, in order to raise his chances of winning.

Limbu Aadarsh, made it into the casino gambling news, when he applied the “card daubing” trick on high value cards, so that he would know, which ones to bet on when he was playing blackjack and poker in Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa casinos.

His scheme involved applying colored powder substances to the back of the playing cards, when he was able to handle them. He did it either by hand or with the help of modified cash chips, which would deliver the substances.

The misfortunate game

This is how Aadarsh won over SGD 6,000 from both casinos for a period of 5 months, but his luck left him when he used a losing blackjack strategy and the croupier detected the irregularities on the modified chip.

Following this incident, his hotel room was searched and various objects, which were used in his scheme, were found. This week Aadarsh admitted his guilt on one of the charges for possession a device, which facilitates cheating, and also to four charges of using an item for the same purpose.

It was proven in court that the defendant was planning “methodically” his actions and was getting ready to cheat during playing casino games, which brought him the jail sentence.