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New mobile casino from Swedish operator
New mobile casino

New mobile casino gambling site has been officially revealed by a Swedish gambling operator NYX Interactive.

When Swedish company NYX Interactive AB acquired NextGen Gaming in November last year, everybody was excited about the prospect of a combined software provider. Now, just a few months later, we finally have some casino gambling news from them. The end product of their union has seen the light of day.

The new mobile casino gambling destination combines NextGen’s ingenious game design with NYX Interactive’s tried and tested modules. The companies were always expected to come up with something rather special, and of course, they have delivered.

NYX Interactive’s Chief Executive Officer David Flynn, had the following comments: “This latest launch shows the flexibility of our Rapid Platform offering. The ability for the new casino to be able to specialize in mobile gaming whilst having the choice of content was paramount to this agreement. I’m very excited to see them launch with what is most probably the largest selection of mobile and tablet games in the industry today”.

The launch of one of the latest mobile casinos aims to please tablet and smartphone gamers specifically. NYX Gaming is rumored to be very interested in the future of mobile gaming including Android casinos and iPhone gambling. This latest release shows just how big their interest is.

Jonathan Dalli, the spokesperson for the new mobile casino, had the following to say: “The smartphone revolution is clearly shifting customer expectations for online services. With a graphical user experience like no other, our casino also demonstrates full flexibility in front-end design enabled by the NYX Rapid Platform without compromising on the need for a solid back-end. Quality and innovation in play.”

The finished product itself is something NYX can be proud of. With meticulous timing, the online and mobile site is up and running right now, and offers mobile blackjack and plenty of other state-of-the-art games to all members.

Just recently NYX Gaming have announced some further developments following the launch of the site. The company has signed a deal with Sheriff Gaming which will hopefully bring Sheriff Gaming’s 3D Gaming content into unison with the Swedish software provider, making NYX’s Open Gaming System truly a force to be reckoned with.