osama bin laden killing linked to poker indictments
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Is the killing of Osama bin Laden linked to information acquired by US Government from the indictment of the three online poker sites two weeks before?

The free world continues to delight at the demise of the international mass murderer, terrorist and religious scholar – Osama bin Laden.

Rumors are beginning to spread throughout the tightly knit world of online and mobile casinos about a connection between the events of ‘Black Friday’ and the quick to follow location of bin Laden’s secret laid in Pakistan.

‘Black Friday’, was the day when US Government unsealed multi-count indictments against the founders and money processors of Poker Stars, Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker. Since that day, almost 3 weeks ago, only the following USA Casinos are still accepting US player deposits.

I report and you decide if the following rumors have merit:

Years back, CIA officials first learned the ‘street name’ of bin Laden’s most trusted aide from Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the 9/11 Al Qaeda mastermind, after a 4 minute ‘session’ with top Romanian interrogator only known as ‘Radu’. The other interesting piece of information that Radu uncovered, was the favorite hobby of bin Laden’s aide – no-limit online poker.

Khalid’s replacement, Faraj al-Libi, repeated both pieces of information after an even shorter ‘session’ with Radu in the bowels of the Romanian Binalshibh prison dungeons. News that torture was an essential ingredient in the elimination of bin Laden may reopen the successful interrogation program for future Islamic scholars.

Years later, in August of 2010, CIA was sure that:

  • bin Laden was living comfortably in Pakistan, protected by the leading faction of international Islamic scholars who share his traditional interpretation of Islam;
  • bin Laden was living in opulence within a compound surrounded by high walls, barbed wire and bodyguards;
  • bin Laden lived with a son, wives, servants, frequently visiting disciples and dignitaries. His trusted aide along with the aide’s brother was also part of bin Laden’s entourage.

Only one crucial piece of information was missing – the exact location of the compound. It was a known fact that bin Laden’s aide played online poker at some location near the compound, not daring to draw the wrath of bin Laden who is against such forbidden activities.

The United States Government needed six years worth of complete records from all three largest online poker rooms which jointly account for more than 90% of all online poker gaming in the world.

Difference between play in casinos and online has been causing more and more players to migrate to online gaming since its convenient and powerful.

With President Obama’s legacy closely following the course of Titanic, no mistakes could be made with clumsy ‘Watergate’ style break-ins or open requests for assistance from foreign registered companies.

The idea for the online poker indictments was fast tracked when Daniel Tzvetkoff, the Australian whiz kid and payment processor for the 3 poker-websites, agreed to become an informant. The indictments were unsealed on April 15 2011, the domains (.com) of all three-poker rooms were confiscated, and the poker sites bank accounts were frozen.

In exchange for releasing player funds and domain names (and other concessions), the CIA allegedly received a copy of all online poker transactions coming from Pakistan and Afghanistan. On April 20, the US Government returned the seized domains and approved a plan to begin returning player deposit funds.

Satellite photos were taken of each location associated with an online poker player connecting from Pakistan. Osama bin Laden’s mansion compound was quickly discovered within three days. On April 22, the Navy SEAL ‘Team Six’, the top military counter-terrorism unit of the American Special Forces, began training for the assault.

On May 1, the twenty-four members of SEAL ‘Team Six’ repelled from Chinook helicopters onto bin Laden’s $1 million dollar Abbottabad Mansion.

Bin Laden refused to surrender and was shot in the head by a high powered 50-caliber sniper rifle, firing armor-piercing exploding bullets. Within 40 minutes, bin Laden, his adult son, a woman used as a human shield and three henchmen were dead.

Osama bin Laden’s corpse was placed aboard the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier, hosed down, wrapped in US Navy issue bed sheets and chucked overboard into the shark-infested waters of the North Arabian Sea.