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Realistic Games announced an extension to their multi-channel blackjack service so their customers can enjoy every part of the game.

The mobile casino software provider designed a simple yet exciting addition to their Blackjack game in order to please their players and offer more winning experiences. They want build on the success of their original Blackjack game, since it proved to be profitable on the market.
The new system, called ‘Hi Lo Blackjack’, will make it possible for the players to bet on whether their second card will be higher or lower than the first. This means that with this new service even the card dealing period gets exciting for the players.

It is a simple but thrilling addition

Commercial director, Andy Harris said that this step was planned for some time by the gaming service provider. They wanted a simple addition which still spices up the game. He also reported, that their online blackjack game is popular among players, which will be proved by the revenues of the operators.
Harris added that they wanted to take advantage of their Blackjack games “by creating this simple, yet devilishly fun side bet.” He declared that their projects tops the typical model by “offering lower pay-out multipliers and much higher return to player margins.” The company hopes that this new extension will result in increased player engagement and “more regular winning experiences.”