Can you imagine a casino that employs robots as their dealers? You’re not even that far from reality, as the blackjack robot has finally arrived.• ‘Robot Revolution’ in Chicago
• Glimpse to the not-too-distant future
• A blackjack robot that might revolutionize casinos

Robots are slowly but surely becoming a part of our everyday life, mostly behind the curtains of hospitals, offices and factories. Unfortunately, in those settings there’s no chance for interaction nor observation. The ‘Robot Revolution’ crosses this gap, presenting all kinds of robots that might contribute to our lives whether in practical or amusing way. According to the official site of the Museum of Science and Industry, the ‘Robot Revolution’ was designed to “increase student interest and involvement in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) topics, particularly the field of robotics.”

Casino revolution with the help of the blackjack robot

The ‘Robot Revolution’ of Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry offers a rare glimpse into the newest robotic technologies. Supported by and The Boing Company , the exhibition premiered in May 12 and it’ll be available to all visitors that are curious on the topic of artificial intelligence until January 3, 2016. This is the first occasion that these robots are displayed in public with the one-off opportunity to try and see them in action. “We wanted to give people a chance to engage with robots, the way they will in the not-too-distant future,” Kathleen McCarthy said, executive director of ‘Robot Revolution’ to The Columbia Chronicle.

For, the most interesting element of the ‘Robot Revolution’ is the blackjack robot, a large industrial creature programmed to play 21 with the guests. Seeing such advanced technology, we wonder whether this post-apocalyptic setting may become usual in land-based casinos. Those who are familiar with online blackjack know that the game can be just as interesting without real-life companion as the other way around. It would be a fascinating experience to play at hyper-modern casino where the dealers were made of metal and plastic.

The blackjack robot is part of the ‘skill’ category

Besides the blackjack robot there’s a small but gifted soccer team of robots, a funny one that mimics the expression of the guests and also a baby robot-seal, intended for therapeutic purposes. But these are just some of the spectacles that include cooperative, smart, skilled and locomotive creations. Obviously, our favorite is classified under the category of ‘skill’, with two arms that are capable to move together or independently as well as picking and holding blackjack cards.

Of course the blackjack-dealing robot is more of a gimmick, showing off the capabilities of these high tech industrial machines. The blackjack robot’s official name is ‘Yasakawa Robotic 21 System’ and it was created by Motoman, a leading robotics company in the US. Ever since their establishment in 1989, the company has created over 300,000 robots for nearly all industries. The Motoman headquarters and facilities are based in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Brazil.