Ronnie-OSullivanRonnie O’Sullivan

Four-time snooker Masters winner, Ronnie O’Sullivan surprisingly changed his walk-on melody for the tournament this week.

He gave up on Robbie Williams’ “Let Me Entertain You” and changed to a song from a Kung-fu film, performed by Jackie Chan in Chinese. This move might turn into intriguing gambling news for all bettors, as Ronnie seems very motivated to win his fifth Masters, under the accompaniment of “A Man Should Better Himself”.

O’Sullivan shed more light on his choice of music – it is from a Kung-fu film called “Once Upon a Time in China”, in which the star is the People’s Champion, which resembles his own status.
He added: “Robbie Williams is a nice song, but it is a bit cheesy. This is a pretty big motivational song. It was playing in a friend’s car when I was in China, and the first time I heard it, I loved it.”

Any opponent of O’Sullivan should be seriously worried at the Masters

Ronnie is one of the brightest starts at the Masters tournament, therefore all his opponents are trying to figure out a smart strategy to win against him.

Ricky Walden, who is O’Sullivan quarter-final opponent, must be full of nerves as Ronnie’s chances to win are pretty high at 1.23.

The Magician is 2.64 to win the tournament and even though he wasn’t performing at his best lately, he should not have any real trouble winning his fifth Masters.