Greg-RaymerGreg Raymer

Greg Raymer, former WSOP Main Event champion is looking for financial support for his 2014 poker tournaments participation.

This gambling news came little surprising because Raymer holds live tournament record leading to a WSOP title, four HPT titles and almost $7.5 million earnings. Despite all these achievements, Greg asked for investments up to $100,000 to assist him in covering his estimated poker expenditures in 2014.

Raymer didn’t have to worry about money before, as he had numerous sponsorship deals, including with the giant online casino operator PokerStars. However, his recent revenues were not impressive enough and he is looking for opportunities to minimize his risk.

Raymer offers special form of investment returns

The poker pro admitted that the major reason for his investment request is his wife who: “has become more and more nervous about [him] playing poker”. Therefore, he decided to be innovative and offer up to 60% of himself in 2014 tournaments, in order to keep his marriage out of trouble.

Greg is asking for $100,000 in investments (in $1,000 portions) and in return he’ll be keeping 40% of the annual winnings while the remaining 60% will be split between the potential investors. In addition, he will be buying 20% of himself, meaning he’ll also take a cut of the 60%, which is going to the investors.

For now his offer receives diverse responses, but keeping in mind his glorious past, it is very possible that he will find investors to support his future poker career.