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Did you also encounter six deck blackjack games at online casinos? You’re not alone. Join us and take a look at the six deck blackjack online strategy and the possibilities of this common blackjack variant.

The truth about the six deck blackjack online strategy
The truth about the six deck blackjack online strategy
  • Six deck blackjack online strategy – is it worth it?
  • Strategy chart for six deck blackjack
  • Where to play it?

If you’re a frequent online blackjack player, you might have seen that many ‘Classic Blackjack’ games are using six decks. What’s more, one of the most widespread versions of Classic Blackjack, developed by Playtech, is basically six hand blackjack. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that many players are curious about the six deck blackjack online strategy. But before learning it, you might want to check whether it’s really working at online casinos.

First of all, it’s obvious that blackjack’s current title as one of the most popular casino games can be attributed to the its attractive house edge. Even more to the fact that using the basic strategy can lower the house edge. However, basic strategy in itself is useful only at single deck blackjack games. At other variants, it serves as a background for more complex strategies, including card counting.

Is the six deck blackjack online strategy working? Should you count the cards?

We have some bad news to those who were planning to count cards at an online casino: It’s basically impossible to count cards at online blackjack games. Why? Because the decks at online casinos are constantly reshuffled, which diminishes this otherwise useful casino strategy. Therefore, we can conclude that card counting is destined to stay exclusive to brick-and-mortar casino floors.

Does this mean that you can’t use a six deck blackjack online strategy? The answer is no. You can still use a chart, which might help you to determine your steps through the game. Even if you only want to play for fun, this strategy is worth a glance. Let’s not forget that blackjack, fundamentally, is a game, meant to provide fun for those playing it. Sometimes, people can be so focused on the money, that they miss out on the fun.

If you can’t risk too much, just play low-stake six hand blackjack. This way you’ll still play with real-money but you won’t risk too much, so you can enjoy the game. This simple chart might not equal card counting, but it’ll make you feel like a pro without stripping this casino classic from all enjoyment.

Click here for the six deck blackjack online strategy chart.

Where to play six deck online blackjack?

As we mentioned, most classic online blackjack games are using six decks. However, you should not rush to the first casino that you find. Remember: there are numerous factors that make a good online casino. We have two recommendations for you. Both of these sites are highly renowned and well-known in the online gambling community.

Bovada Casino’s ‘Blackjack’ is a simple six deck blackjack game. This gambling site is trusted by millions of users, so you’ll be in good hands. Furthermore, Bovada Casino is offering a good promotion, called ‘Blackjack Weekends’. Between every Friday and Sunday you’ll score a $10 bonus for every 200 casino points earned playing Blackjack. The other highly recommended place to play blackjack 6 deck online is Bet365 Casino. This casino doesn’t need any introduction. As a bookmaker company, Bet365 is one of the biggest forces and you can expect the same level of professionalism at their casino section.