Blackjack table dealer tournament
Master your game

The original Blackjack game has spread centuries ago, it still enjoys great popularity among card players. Its overall popularity may lay in the games ability to constantly change and produce innovative sub-games.

Even though there are many variations of blackjack out there, the classic twenty-one is still the most prominent member of this card-game family. However, some minor games stand out, either with their rules or the story of their inventions. How can you turn your frustration into a casino sensation? If you are interested, you should definitely browse through the following words.

Double Attack Blackjack is a popular variant of the card game. It is spiced up with numerous rule twists so it really is a one of a kind Blackjack game. Double Attack Blackjack became a part of blackjack history in Atlantic City casino resorts, and even today its primarily dealt there. This type is based on Spanish 21 variation of the game. The player is offered an opportunity to double their bet right after the dealers face up card is revealed. And this isn`t the only advantage, since in this game even the blackjacks pay more. Also, there is an available side bet option, known as ‘Bust It,’ which can be collected if the dealer busts on their third card.

Playing with reduced decks

Spanish Blackjack or Spanish 21 is a famous type of blackjack and it is preferred by many regular players. It is different from the other variations since it uses six or eight Spanish decks. Each deck consists of 48 instead of 52 cards since the tens are removed from the deck before the game begins. Card counters warn that the removal of these cards is in favor of the dealer. However Spanish 21 compensates this by offering bonuses and different blackjack rules for the player. In some cases Spanish 21 may be the best bet in a casino, but it depends on the specific regulations. Even though the rules differ from place to place most of the time the player can double down on any number of cards, even after a split, and late surrender is allowed, too.

From the popular Vegas Blackjack games, Vegas Strip Blackjack is probably the favorite of card game enthusiasts. This may be, because the house edge is a bit lower than in the other versions. The core of the game is the same as the classic`s, but it’s played with 4 decks of blackjack cards. In this game, a 21`s value after a split of an ace with a received 10 is not a blackjack but 21. Also, the Dealer`s soft 17 increases the chances of a player with hands 18 and up.

Inventing a personal game

Blackjack Switch is the brainchild of Geoff Hall, who introduced this blackjack invention in 2009. The game is based on traditional blackjack, but there is a twist which gives a totally different flavor to the game. In this game each playing position is dealt two hands instead of one. The player is permitted to switch the top two blackjack cards between hands. Also, the pay rate is 1:1 and not the usual 3:2. Hall developed this game after he became fed up by the series of weak hands. He recognized that if the two top cards would exchangeable, his wins would be more frequent. He presented his idea in 2000, and after a slight modification the game has reached unbelievable levels of popularity. Since then it is included in online form, too, thanks to Playtech.

It is important to mention the well-known tournament version of blackjack, which was the idea of Russ Hamilton. His type, which is fusion of No Limit Texas Hold’em and classic blackjack, is called Elimination Blackjack. If the player is eager to win, he has to beat the dealer and be the last one at the table. Let`s inquire the elimination process, since that is the key element of this entertaining blackjack game. Elimination hands happen on the 8th the 16th and the 25th hands. When these hands end, the unfortunate person who doesn`t have enough chips to place a wager is eliminated. Overall, this game is differentiated by the existence of a secret bet, too, which is usable once during a blackjack tournament.