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Blackjack Strategies
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When blackjack becomes the center of a discussion, the debate about useful strategies is an unavoidable part of the conversation and nowadays players have access to numerous guides, too.

When it comes to blackjack, there are some tips which have the approval of almost all professionals, therefore beginners should definitely take them into consideration. Almost all players agree that the point of hitting is crucial. A player should immediately hit if the dealers revealed card is a 7, 8, 9, 10 or an Ace and their hand amount to 8 or 12 all the way up to 16. If the face up card of the dealer is a 10 and the player`s Blackjack cards total a 10 they may want to hit and avoid doubling. The same is recommended when the dealer shows an Ace and the player has 11 in their hands. Also, a considerate person would not double, but hit when he sees a 10 and he also has 10.

When considering to stand, there are some useful rules, depending on the usual criterions. A totaling 17 is the red warning for a stand. Except maybe if the dealer’s face up is an Ace, but even then, the best option is to stand. If the player’s cards add up to a lucky 13, it calls for the inquiry of the dealer’s face up card. If it is a six or below that, the best option is to stand. Another sign calling for stand is when there is are 10’s in a splitable pair, or any of the face cards.

When to double, when to split

The next interesting question revolves around betting. First, the blackjack enthusiast has to consider two important factors. One of them is the value of the precious pair and the other is the dealer’s face up, obviously. It is an unfortunate move to split 5’s. Rather, they are the indicators of a double down or hit if combined with a 10 or an Ace on the other side of the table. 8 is the exact opposite, it cries for a split and the best choice is to perform it. If it’s allowed Aces should be split, which is another beneficial tip.

The next topic involves doubling, which is usually done when the player holds a total of 9 to 11. This is an amazing blackjack trick to hit around 20. One important deciding element is an Ace on the dealer’ side. In this scenario, if the hand equals 10 or 11 it should be definitely doubled.

The famous card counting strategy

Choosing online blackjack has numerous benefits over traditional, land-based casinos. First of all, the player doesn’t have to travel to play. No gas fee, or pricy airline tickets with wearisome booking and hotel searching. The game goes down in the comfort of the well-known rooms, or wherever and whenever there is need for a little entertainment. However, there is one impossible trick for home-based players, and that is the science of card counting.

Almost everybody heard about the famous blackjack strategy, known as card counting. It was displayed in various blockbuster movies, described in well-known novels and articles. Also, it is a fact, that many professionals practice their counting knowledge when playing. Its point is pretty simple and straightforward: increase the profits and reduce the losses. This strategy needs lots of practice, because usually there is a separate security department looking out for tricky players. It is not illegal to engage in this ploy, but if somebody gets caught, they might be permanently blacklisted by the casino destination.

Playing online or in land-based casinos

All in all, it seems that playing online blackjack is the most rewarding choice. First of all, there are many additions, known as side bets, increasing the chance for a real big win. As we previously reported, even Realistic Games has signed a license agreement with Games Marketing, in order to be able to offer two entertaining games, 21+3 and Perfect Pairs. Such games are truly heightening the excitement of a traditional blackjack game.

Also, online casinos are known for their generous promotions and bonuses, which cannot be found on land based units. For example, most of them have welcome bonuses and loyalty programs. This way, the players maximize their winning chances just by creating an account at online gambling providers. A considerate player always checks for new promotions, offers and online blackjack reviews, since there is inexhaustible amount of them.