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Washington D.C. May Try Blackjack to Cut the Deficit
Washington Blackjack

A Washington D.C. Council member has recommended that America’s capital city should try using blackjack to raise much needed earnings.

Politicians in Washington D.C. have grown wary of annoying their voting constituents by increasing taxes and parking violations, the usual methods which local governments increase their budgetary holdings. Now the government of the District of Columbia wishes to try card games such as blackjack card games and poker to provide new urgently necessary revenue as the city’s deficit has reached $200 million.

Michael A. Brown, a member of the D.C. Council, has recommended fantasy sports gambling and online blackjack as the solution. The games would be regulated by the D.C. Lottery Commission. This would be lawful only while those wagering remain within Washington’s borders, with a legal policy similar to the new legislation which has More blackjack coming to New Jersey.

Brown asserted “We need every kind of revenue enhancement possible… We have to be more competitive. Everyone around us is doing stuff that is attracting our residents outside the city.” He pointed out that Washington has been losing local gamblers to the casinos and racetracks of neighboring West Virginia and Maryland.

Democratic Mayor Adrian M. Fenty’s administration was caught by surprise since Brown cleverly buried the legislative proposal deep within a budget bill. Peter J. Nickles, Attorney General, isn’t sure whether the city even could make online blackjack lawful since federal law prohibits payment processors from sending money to gambling websites.

The Downtown Cluster of Congregations’ executive director Terry Lynch condemned online gambling as distasteful as the lottery and warned it would “probably” invoke disparagement from pious inhabitants. He elaborated online casino “don’t generate real jobs and livelihoods that make a difference in the community…. It preys on peoples’ weaknesses.”